Evelina Rimkute
Test Manager, Self-published Author, Podcaster, Book and Nature Lover

Questions and thoughts for every day


In 2019 one of my dreams and goals came true - I have published a book! For me it represents an interesting journey into book world and freedom to try new things in my life.

On the pages I have collected short poems, reflecting observations and thoughts we each face every day. I invite you to the journey to know yourself more and find words for feelings and emotions, living inside you.

Silence when you travel alone.
Silence that hides the stream of thoughts. Memories. Inner disputes. 
You tell stories and build narratives. 
You live and invite your heroes to act.

Each time I wish I only held positive conversations. 

Unfortunately, each unfinished story travels with me and asks to be retold again. 
Again, and again. 

Till the power of forgiveness fills the silence.

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