Evelina Rimkute
Test Manager, Self-published Author, Podcaster, Book and Nature Lover

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I am an active participant in a social life, life long learner in multiple areas, inclusion and diversity advocate, promoter of healthy and sustainable habits. On this page I would like to share with you great initiatives and events that I support and which might be useful for you too! Take a look!

I am a co-leader of Lean In Network, Switzerland (Bern, Lucerne, Zurich). This community changed and continue changing. 
Join a circle, create a circle or volunteer!

 my world, bringing amazing new women into my life and opening doors for me to contribute to better society!
It is time to open your soul for a music - piano school for everyone, 
where lessons take place even online!

Award-winning and beloved workshops, aiming to promote creativity and explore Switzerland. I
 never though I could be cooking amazing Lebanese meal myself in the middle of Zurich!
Each workshop opens gates to multiple cultures living in one country.

Bio-organic food: jars, bowls, take-away, delivery, menu... For you, your events, your friends and your health

Just check it out - the product speaks for itself and is definitely must have! 

The most comfortable pump you can imagine - even, smooth silicone surface & no more 

annoying noises that many mechanical pumps produce.

2021 Fistball Women World Championship is taking place in Switzerland, 

at a beautiful town at Zurich lake - Rapperswill-Jona. 

Together with TSV Jona Fistball I am excited to welcome players from more than 14 countries, competing for the medals!

I could not appreciate more the inputs from my amazing friend, who guides
her clients to choose suitable colours, dressing style and make up tones!
I ended up buying less stuff and feel comfortable in those that I wear! 


No matter if you read books yourself, or if your day is too busy - Valentina brings 
high quality non-fiction book reviews to you every other Monday!