Evelina Rimkute
Test Manager, Self-published Author, Podcaster, Book and Nature Lover

I am an active participant in various discussions in Social media. On this page I offer you brief overview of my online activities. You are always welcome to follow me on LinkedIn to get latest ideas :)

My latest articles

I publish various articles, covering social, IT software development and book publishing topics.

"In a culture dominated by intense pressure to meet targets,
too many of our leaders value high performers with little
consideration of whether others on the team can trust them."

Article on LinkedIn: The Infinite Game Adapted to Testing


We as humans and we as companies, we all are heading somewhere. 

Unfortunately, it is hard to judge objectively using just common sense,
if we are heading for the right direction. KPIs, value and data-based
decisions coming from them are closest to what we, imperfect
creatures, could use to avoid subjectivity

Article on LinkedIn: What are meaningful Testing KPIs?



 There are a million ways how each of us contributes to the
better world around us. 

One of the areas I invest my time and energy in is supporting
and empowering diversity and inclusion around me.
When I meet new people, or when someone asks what I am doing,
I am open about my activity, as this takes many hours each
month to bring visible results

Article on LinkedIn: Inclusions is not only about hiring


Stop planning for best effort versions.
Stop expecting that everything magically will work fine.
Stop blaming people when circumstances fall apart.
And most important. Stop wasting energy while getting frustrated, 
when unexpected things happen.

Article on LinkedIn: Tool of Critical Thinking - Control Overestimation

To tell the story in order to build steps, a bridge between current
life to your next chapter. 

To connect a potential reader with the history that she or he
did not know yet but will figure out on the pages of the book

Article on LinkedIn: Why to write a book



"It is like trying to repair the broken wheel based on the fuel
consumption statistics. It is way easier to track numbers,
then to track real problems."

Article on LinkedIn: Quality Control is for the whole team

If you miss acting actively in the meetings, you will simply delay
important topics to later stages. In other words, with your passive
participation, you might reduce chances to work effectively and succeed.
For all the team.

Article on LinkedIn: Make each meeting worth your time